[visit-developers] Crash on Mac ... hoping for pity from a network expert

Hank Childs hankchilds at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 17 10:23:22 EDT 2008

Good suggestion.  Interestingly, my laptop won't let me do it:

(captive-wireless-250-136) childs3 % sudo hostname localhost
Sorry, user childs3 is not allowed to execute '/bin/hostname localhost' as root on captive-wireless-250-136.ncsa.uiuc.edu.


--- On Fri, 10/17/08, Sean Ahern <ahern at ornl.gov> wrote:

> From: Sean Ahern <ahern at ornl.gov>
> Subject: Re: [visit-developers] Crash on Mac ... hoping for pity from a network expert
> To: hankchilds at yahoo.com
> Cc: visit-developers at ornl.gov
> Date: Friday, October 17, 2008, 7:11 AM
> Hank Childs wrote:
> > Any ideas out there?
> Not that this is a solution, but what happens if you try:
>      sudo hostname localhost
> Change your host name to "localhost" and try
> again.  I often find that 
> fixes a lot of laptop roaming issues.
> -Sean
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> Sean Ahern
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory
> AIM: ornlsean
> 865-241-3748

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