[visit-developers] Crash on Mac ... hoping for pity from a network expert

Hank Childs hankchilds at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 18:33:48 EDT 2008

Hi Folks,

I am running VisIt on my Mac on a wireless connection at NCSA.  My hostname now shows up as "captive-wireless-250-136.ncsa.uiuc.edu".  I can access the web and can log into remote machines.  When I try to ssh to $(hostname), it gives me a prompt, but does not like my password.  I suspect that means that it recognizes itself, but ssh'ing from external hosts is disabled somehow.

When I start up VisIt, it crashes.  This is true for VisIt compiled against the trunk and for VisIt with -noloopback. HOWEVER: if I run visit V1.9.1, which is installed on my machine, it does not crash.  I don't have V1.10 installed, so I can't get further info on what that version does.

The crash has been a bit tricky to narrow down (the segfault follows a bad page, so the stacktrace has no meaningful info).  

It appears to be in "RemoteProcess::SingleThreadedAcceptSocket()".  Specifically, it crashes in the accept call:
   desc = accept(listenSocketNum, (struct sockaddr *)&sin, &len);

The listenSocketNum is set to 14, so it appears to be initialized somehow.  

Any ideas out there?



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