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Sent this mail a while ago. Any pointers on this.



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I have a scenario here, mainly with AMR datasets, that the no of patches
change or may not change with every time step. As a result I have set the
functions HasInvariantMetaData() and HasInvariantSIL() both to return false,
so that this info is read everytime in PopulateDatabaseMetaData(), while
setting up the mesh.

However when I click on the play button on the gui to iterate through the
time steps, everything works  fine if the no. of patches across the
timesteps doesn't vary. However, if this is not the case, the program goes
to PopulateDatabaseMetaData() (which is desired), but then never enters
GetMesh()/ GetVar() and a warning is flashed. As a result no visualization
is generated and the program just keeps on skipping through the time steps.
As mentioned earlier, this only happens when the no. of patches across the
time steps varies, and everything works fine if the no. of patches/ time
step remains invariant.

Is is that I am missing some implementation. Do let me know if somethng is
no clear.

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