[visit-developers] visit -cli issues with recent trunk

Mark Miller miller86 at llnl.gov
Mon Oct 6 17:16:51 EDT 2008

Hi Kathleen,

I'v been seeing most of what you describe here, too. I always have to
'maximize' the window to see anything.


On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 14:08 -0700, Kathleen Bonnell wrote:
> I'm running a trunk version at SVN revsion 5244 -- on linux running KDE,
> When I run visit -cli I do not get a visible window.
> I get an icon in my sys tray that says 'window 1', but I don't see the window.
> I don't see anything when I click on the icon.
> When I right-click the icon and select 'minimize' I get a flash of movement
> way off the left-hand side of my screen, but still no window.
> When I right-click and select 'maximize' I get a window the full size of
> my desktop.
> This doesn't happen with the public version of 1.10.0.
> Any ideas?
> Kathleen
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