[visit-developers] test suite status

Kathleen Bonnell kbonnell at llnl.gov
Wed Oct 1 11:44:01 EDT 2008

database.py -- When I modified NumNodes query, I had
made current the new baseline but forgot to merge 
the test directory.  Thanks for the reminder Mark.
I'll take care of that today.


On Wednesday 01 October 2008 08:21, Mark Miller wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just browsed test failures to assess possible causes
> expressions.py. inverse_ghost_zone.py
>     - current appears to be node-centered smooth but baseline
>       is zone-centered blocky
> matvf.py, val4mat.py
>     - current appears to be different color AND zone-centered
>       block while baseline is node-centered smooth
> raytrace.py
>     - current appears to be zone-centered blocky while baseline
>       is node-centered smooth
> database.py
>     - node count computation has different result. Based on what
>       I know about recent NumNode queries, probably the current
>       is no correct?
> So, it looks like in many cases, a change in centering is occuring
> relative to what used to happen. Hope someone finds this useful.
> Mark

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