[ucx-group] A few UCX questions

Rolf vandeVaart rvandevaart at nvidia.com
Wed Oct 21 11:49:26 EDT 2015

I have been trying out the UCX support in Open MPI and I have a few questions.

  1.  How do you turn on ucs_debug output? I want to do this from running an Open MPI application. I have configured UCX with -enable-debug.
  2.  Can you select the transports that you want to consider for communication? For example, can I run on a single node but select IB?
  3.  Does this error meaning anything to you? I assume something wrong with my IB setup but I do not see it from openib BTL.
     *   [drossetti-ivy4.nvidia.com:06084] ../../../../../ompi/mca/pml/ucx/pml_ucx.c:159mca_pml_ucx_init
[1445439933.442309] [drossetti-ivy5:9676 :0]        ib_mlx5.c:258  UCX  ERROR mlx5 rx wq [count=0 stride=1] has invalid parameters

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