[ucx-group] use stderr rather than stdout for logging?

Shamis, Pavel shamisp at ornl.gov
Mon Oct 5 09:55:53 EDT 2015

Howard - I'm curious if this worked for you. If so, maybe we shell post a FAQ entry for running on cray with slurm.
Thanks !

Pavel (Pasha) Shamis
Computer Science Research Group
Computer Science and Math Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

On Oct 2, 2015, at 2:45 PM, Yossi Itigin <yosefe at mellanox.com<mailto:yosefe at mellanox.com>> wrote:

Have you used UCS_LOG_FILE=stderr for that?
Is there a way to detect that this and use the appropriate stream for every system?

BTW you can always send SIGHUP to the process to make it flush the log.

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Subject: [ucx-group] use stderr rather than stdout for logging?

Hi Folks,

I’m working with Pasha on some gni/cray stuff in ucx.  I’m noticing
that on my favorite XC system (which uses slurm rather than alps/aprun),
that I don’t get UCS_LOG_LEVEL=debug output if the app hangs early
on.  If I switch to using stderr things work like expected – I get output.

I tried using the srun –u option but srun complained about this.

So, if there aren’t any objections, could we switch to using stderr for
the logger?



Howard Pritchard
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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