[c3-users] virtual clusters / meta clusters.

Thomas Naughton naughtont at ornl.gov
Wed Mar 19 07:47:58 EDT 2014

Hi Olivier,

The C3 tools were designed to allow for administration of multiple clusters
simultaneously, to include entirely remote systems.  I'll have to double
check c3.conf syntax, I'm sure we have paper/documentation on this

So, yes it is most certainly possibleto run commands on all your systems in
one shot.   In fact, the 'c3-scale' manual page is documenting this case
where you want to treat a single large cluster as a set of multiple
sub-clusters to increase concurrent execution.

Again, I'll have to check docs for exact syntax, but you can have a
configuration where the only info you have is the cluster headnode and then
issue commands remotely that will use the remote headnode's config file to
identify local cluster nodes.

So you could run the following from your laptop, entirely remote from the 3
clusters, and defer the cluster specs to the headnode of the 3 clusters.
All you'd need locally is the name (or IP) of the 3 cluster head nodes.

     cexec cluster1:  cluster2: cluster3: hostname

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On Wed, 19 Mar 2014, olivier.lahaye1 at free.fr wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm sysadmin for 2 clusters and a few other systems.
> I wonder if I can use virtual clusters to run commands on all my systems in
> one shot using the :cluster syntax (from my NIS+storage server)?
> Like
> cluster all {
>     me # the head would be the system I'm running on
>     :cluster1 # nodes from cluster1
>     :cluster2 # nodes from cluster2
>     cluster_head1
>     cluster_head2
>     buildsystem1
>     buildsystem2
>     nagios
> }
> That would allow to avoid redefining cluster1 and cluster2 on this host as
> they are already defined on the head of respective clusters.
> If not then, what is the differences between:
> - running c3 commond using a virtual cluster
> - using ssh to remote head to run a c3 command?
> Best regards,
> Olivier.
> --
>    Olivier LAHAYE

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