[c3-users] c3.conf indexing help.

olivier.lahaye1 at free.fr olivier.lahaye1 at free.fr
Tue Mar 18 13:39:37 EDT 2014

man c3.conf doesn't explain "dead remove_for_0-indexing" 

That would be cool to have some clarification about that line and about indexing in general 

for example if i have the following cluster definition: 

cluster my_cluster { 
exclude 3 

What is excluded? 
is it "big" that is excluded or is it extranode3??? 
Does exclude applies on the extranode[] line or does it applies to all the above nodes definitions or does it apply to all nodes in the cluster? 
Does "dead remove_for_0-indexing" must be placed just below the headnode? 

Thanks for clarifying that. 

Olivier LAHAYE 

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