[c3-users] C3 v5.1.2 (beta 1) released

Thomas Naughton naughtont at ornl.gov
Thu Feb 10 16:25:41 EST 2011


We have released a new (beta) version of C3 (c3-5.1.2~b1).


The only change in this release was:

    Version 5.1.2 (not yet finalized)
     + Fix a permissions issue on the contrib files.

There are also instructions on how to install C3 using utilities like
APT and YUM.


Please, report any issues to C3-devel <c3-devel at ornl.gov>.

Thank you,

     Thomas Naughton                                      naughtont at ornl.gov
     Research Associate                                   (865) 576-4184

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