[c3-users] C3

Thomas Naughton naughtont at ornl.gov
Mon Aug 11 17:27:20 EDT 2008


There are a couple fixes but the one I've used and is the most general
purpose is to use a user-level SSH config file, e.g., "$HOME/.ssh/config".

   Host fh-180.lboro.ac.uk
       User david
   Host ub.lboro.ac.uk
       User joe

I believe that should work for you.  Let me know if it doesn't fix your


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On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, Leo Davis wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm David,doing my masters in Network Security at Loughborough University
> and writing to you to get assistance on C3 usage.
> I've set up an intranet of Ubuntu machines and am trying to run python
> programs simultaneously on all these PCs.I installed C3 on one of the
> machines with intention of using that as the control node.I could run
> applications on my local host but when I try running programs on the other
> machines,it gives me ssh login failure.The reason is it tries to ssh using
> the username of the control node.How do I change it to enable login to the
> other machines.
> eg.Comp  A : david at fh-180.lboro.ac.uk
>    Comp B : joe at ub.lboro.ac.uk
> Now when i try to run hello.py on Comp B using cexec,it gives me ssh
> failure,as it attempts login using david at ub.lboro.ac.uk.How do i change it
> to joe at ub.lboro.ac.uk.I got many machines all with different
> usernames....Appreciate if you could help me out with this.Thanks in
> advance.
> Cheers,
> David

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