GNU Mailman: List Manager's Quick Reference Card


This document is intended to serve as a quick reference guide for mail list managers. It will briefly outline some of the more common tasks that are assigned to persons who "own" a list, normally a novice list administrator who only needs to know about a few of Mailman's features. Persons wanting a complete reference for all of Mailman's list administration functions should read the list administrator manual for complete information.

Accessing your list management screen.

When your list was created and you were designated the "owner" by the system administrator you should have received a welcome note informing you that your list was active, telling you the URL to visit for administrative functions, and informing you of your password.

If you did not keep this note, you should be able to find your list's administrative features by going to


The screen that you access will prompt you for your list administrator's password. Enter it in the blank and then click the button to access your administration screen. If you do not know the password for your list then you will need to contact the system administrator to have it reset.


Changing maximum message size

Mailman places a limit on the size of message that it will deliver to prevent large messages from disrupting the list server of user mailboxes. In some cases the default value may not be large enough to allow messages and file attachments to pass through in a manner suitable for your list's purpose. To change the limit:


Removing a user from a list

Mailman allows the list manager to remove an individual from their mail list, but the method is not entirely intuitive.


Add a member to your list

Mailman allows a list manager to add people for their mail list, but the method is not intuitively named.

Note: Network etiquette generally frowns on opt-out lists -- adding unsuspecting persons to a list and then telling them that they can leave if they want. Do not use Mailman for unconscionable activities such as sending Spam.


Keep unwanted persons from joining

Mailman allows you to prevent persons from joining your list without explicit approval of the administrator. To activate this feature:

Future subscription requests will cause Mailman to send you an e-mail message telling you that someone has tried to join your list. Go to the URL in the message and then use the on-screen form to accept or reject their request.


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